Dustin McNeer is no stranger to these kind of speculations but there seems to be a new twist!

The blue-eyed ANTM model has had his fair share of rumors involving his private parts. He dodged one, remained silent on others and had a third strike. But if this recent story is true then there seems to be a new quasi-porn angle to this ever-growing saga.

Allegedly Dustin McNeer has technically jumped ships to test the porn industry waters by doing private webcam shows. Apparently he started selling not only his adult videos, in which he strips off, flexes and ultimately jacks-off, but he also sold memberships for as high as $16.99 a month. It is evident that given his recognizable face and known name he tried to keep a low profile but he advertised in a subtle way via his official Snapchat account by doing naked antics which prompted interested viewers to dig deeper. When news of what he was doing started to snowball he allegedly encouraged his fans and paying members to help him take down what had slipped through the cracks but in the end Dustin deleted all the content leaving customers in the dust and very angry.

Make the jump to see more of ANTM Model Dustin McNeer’s body of work and let us know what you think of this new development and join the conversation in the comments!

Has ANTM Model Dustin McNeer Tried To Sell His Porn-y Videos?

Here below a series of videos NSFW:

Model Dustin McNeer Show Hard Dick 

Model Dustin McNeer Show Bubble butt & Hard Dick

Model Dustin McNeer Show Jerkin Off 

Model Dustin McNeer Show Butt




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